Sunday, April 29, 2012

A New World Record Largemouth Bass

A new world-record bass, raised and caught on a private lake, is chronicled in the new book, “American BeheMouth“!

“American BeheMouth” is now available in paperback.

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What is contained in “American BeheMouth”?

1) “American BeheMouth” chronicles the raising and catching of a 27-pound largemouth bass, providing a scientific formula that can be duplicated. This raises many ethical questions about world records in American sports.

2) “American BeheMouth” shows the epic journey of one man who immerses himself in fisheries science to answer age-old freshwater mysteries while delving into universal existential questions.

3) ” American BeheMouth” shows conflicting values of Americans struggling to do it all while trying to stay balanced. How do we innovate and achieve great things without becoming despicable cheats or taking questionable short cuts in life?

4) The entire novella is a metaphor for the American economic system and American consumerism. The BeheMouth is the giant bigmouth bass swallowing trout whole, but figuratively, the BeheMouth represents America, becoming lazy and fat, waiting for another handout.

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