Sunday, April 29, 2012

A New World Record Largemouth Bass

A new world-record bass, raised and caught on a private lake, is chronicled in the new book, “American BeheMouth“!

“American BeheMouth” is now available in paperback.

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What is contained in “American BeheMouth”?

1) “American BeheMouth” chronicles the raising and catching of a 27-pound largemouth bass, providing a scientific formula that can be duplicated. This raises many ethical questions about world records in American sports.

2) “American BeheMouth” shows the epic journey of one man who immerses himself in fisheries science to answer age-old freshwater mysteries while delving into universal existential questions.

3) ” American BeheMouth” shows conflicting values of Americans struggling to do it all while trying to stay balanced. How do we innovate and achieve great things without becoming despicable cheats or taking questionable short cuts in life?

4) The entire novella is a metaphor for the American economic system and American consumerism. The BeheMouth is the giant bigmouth bass swallowing trout whole, but figuratively, the BeheMouth represents America, becoming lazy and fat, waiting for another handout.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Chronicles Raising Record 27-Pound Bass

For the last four years, I have been working on a new book, American BeheMouth. It's finally out, and it already has some great reviews. Field and Stream wrote a blog on it today, and readers on Amazon have nice things to say. Here's the latest:

Book Chronicles Raising Record 27-Pound Bass

Summary: A new book chronicles how a 27-pound bass was raised and caught in a private lake, raising ethical questions. The book contains the story and formula for how the fish was raised and can be duplicated.

 Everyone dreams of landing a world-record fish, and some have even tried to raise the record. A new book chronicles how one man raised and caught a 27-pound bass in a spring-fed, temperature-controlled man-made 70-acre lake.

“Many question the ethics behind raising a fish like this just to catch it,” says Jason Covington, author of the book "American BeheMouth," which gives all the details. “Many fishermen will be searching for this Area 51 of bass fishing.”

Covington’s new book details the years of research that solved age-old fisheries questions with a methodology for growing fish to these proportions. The formula includes a new fish-to-food ratio as well as the baitfish used and the environmental conditions required to raise the behemouth. The book tells several other stories along the journey, including a Castaic Lake record fish and state-record Missouri bass.

The original quest started some 20 years ago by a fisheries wannabe literature student and his fisheries biologist girlfriend who raised the monster fish. The years of research summarized in this book are something that another fisheries team could duplicate. However, it's like the stock market insider trading cheats; we can follow their model, but the question is should we?

To get the details on how it was done, read the book "American BeheMouth," available for sale as an economical EBook on Amazon and in paperback on Amazon's CreateSpace.

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